One of the key best practice frameworks used within BITA is the IT Service Management/ITIL framework. Anyone who has pursued ITSM knows that it is fundamentally about putting defined processes in place to identify IT services required by the organization, and to deliver those services to the business. Although it is traditionally viewed as ‘operationally focused’, ITIL V3 has matured into a more ‘service focused’ framework. Pursuing the alignment of business and IT is dependent on recognizing the inherent service relationships between the two, and defining those relationships to provide consistency. ITIL V3 is no longer fixated on the configuration database or helpdesk, instead viewing both these items as part of the arsenal enabling effective IT service management.

ITSM/ITIL in and of itself is not Business/IT Alignment, but Business/IT Alignment leverages ITSM as one of the set of recommended best practices that can help provide structure in service definition and establish consistent, repeatable practices for service delivery. BITA provides organizations that are looking to implement ‘ITIL’ with a context and purpose for a ITSM program that takes into consideration environmental realities of architecture and infrastructure, resourcing, policies, business processes and dependent projects.

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